Ballabio is the gateway to the Valsassina.

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Ballabio is the gateway to the Valsassina although geographically it is not part of it. In fact, Ballabio is the first village in Valsassina.

It is located in a large basin that slopes gently between the Grignetta and the Due Mani Mount. The municipality has ancient origins, in fact Etruscan and later Roman settlements have been ascertained. Around the year one thousand the area, due to its strategic position, is protected with fortifications and walls around the Balisio gorge in defense of the Valsassina. In medieval times, lower Ballabio and upper Ballabio were distinct centers, each with its own administration and parish. Each of the two countries consisted of houses perched on themselves, with a population devoted to cattle breeding and dairy activities.

Subsequently the proximity to Lecco tied their vicissitudes to the Lecco capital and its Pieve. The passages of the Sforza, the Medici, the terrible plague of 1628, the Habsburgs, the French and the annexation to the Duchy of Milan in the 18th century are documented. It should be remembered that the Manzoni family moved from these valleys and the poet, in homage, mentions Ballabio in his I Promessi sposi during the passage of the Lanzichenecchi.

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Ballabio, once only undulating prairies, is now completely changed from what it was 100 years ago. After unification, which took place as in other countries in 1927, the evolution of the country began. From a purely peasant center we arrived at today’s one, with a strong tourist vocation. In the center of the village you can visit the churches of San Lorenzo and the Beata Vergine Assunta and the characteristic historical centers. Ballabio has an irregular territory with considerable elevation variations and is therefore rich in walks and amateur excursions. From Ballabio the Grigna Meridionale or Due Mani Mount are within easy reach, as well as in the surrounding area there is the popular resort of Piani Resinelli and Morterone.

Piani dei Resinelli is located at the foot of the Grigne once famous for mining mines. It is easily reachable by a carriage road and is the starting point for many excursions. According to their abilities, the Grigne offer various difficulties to please everyone. From level climbers to hikers who like to walk along the scenic trails. Reaching the top of the Southern Grigna, it offers breathtaking panoramic views ranging from the Po Valley to Mont Blanc up to the Bernina group and down to the blue waters of Lake Como.

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