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Taste excellent quality wines produced in the best Italian wineries

If you are looking for an wine shop of excellence, where you can buy bottles of fine wine or drink at meal time, you’re in the right place: we at Bacco X Bacco are right for you. Ours is a shop dedicated to those who appreciate wine and good food. The idea of ​​Bacco X Bacco was born slowly: years and years spent wandering around Italy in the name of good food and good drink. The labels are the result of visits to numerous wineries, to the discovery of small producers, little known, but who can express the best of the wine tradition.
There are also leading labels in the wine industry, to satisfy every type of customer, from the traditionalist to his label, to the customer who wants to experience the thrill of uncorking a natural wine, where the “transformation” from grapes to wine takes place only thanks to of nature.
The selection of bulk wines is of excellent quality and you will have the opportunity to taste them even before the purchase. We also have a great selection of craft beers. There are also excellent products in combination with our wines, such as certain types of pasta, sauces, cured meats and PDO cheeses, desserts and delicacies, some of which are part of the Slow Food presidium.
I wait for you in my wine shop, even just for a chat, to be able to transmit my experience to you, and to be able to increase my thanks to you!

We pack beautiful gift baskets: you can choose the content and pick up the basket in the store or, if you prefer, we deliver it to you.


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