Arrigoni funeral honours

From Arrigoni funeral honours a proposal that touches the heart

For five generations the company Arrigoni has been accompanying families at the time of the greatest pain: the loss of a loved one. For more than 160 years the company has been engaged in this field. It is the third oldest in Lombardy: today leads Veronica who, for over a decade, has taken the baton from the brothers Marco and Franco but before them there were the Pope Clemente, the grandfather Attilio, the great-grandfather Pio and before that a great-great-grandfather whose name can not even be remembered. It was 1850, United Italy did not yet exist and Abraham Lincoln had not yet become President of the United States. In such a delicate moment of life it is important to be able to rely on competent people.
Veronica, with great professionalism, delicacy and courtesy will guide you in choosing a service, religious or civil, customized and appropriate to your needs.



Monday through Friday:
08.30 – 12.30/14.30 – 18.00

Saturday, Sunday – Closed

For emergencies – Available 7 days a week – 24/24 h

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