Argegno and the plain of Pigra

Argegno is a popular town of Lake Como, situated on the western Brunch of the Lake.

It is important for its beautiful position, really closed to Switzerland and Val D’intelvi, and for its rare cultural richies. The medieval town is divided into two parts by Telo River, and it is connected to the modern part by 2 old bridges. We advise you to visit S.Trinità Church, situated in the historic nucleus. From Argegno you can climb in the cableway to Pigra (881 mt) located on a plateau from which a beautiful panorama of Lake Como can be enjoyed. Pigra is a little town rich in history, where the typical houses, the narrow steps and the alleys will make you feel in another era.
We suggest you visit S.Rocco Church, built in the 16° century, that preserves beautiful frescoes and Santa Margherita Church and its Bell tower, overlooking the landscape.
Pigra is also the starting point of many hiking path on the mountain and to the lake.


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