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Aquadulza is not just a brand… is an experience! Live the experience.

Aquadulza is a young brand born in early 2020 that offers luxury silk fashion accessories designed and created in the Lake Como district.

A passion for the region and work experience in the textile industry fuelled the birth of this fashion brand closely linked to the Lario. In the online shop, you can purchase exclusive fine silk products such as ties, scarves, bow ties, scarves and much more.

Moreover… Aquadulza is not just a brand, but also a real experience: customers can see how the initial idea was transformed into a product, through the various stages of production, 100% Made in Como.

The handicraft workshop also offers the opportunity to open its doors to guests who want to admire the craftsmanship with which the world-famous silk ties are hand-sewn.

Buy one of our fine fashion accessories now and discover the world of Aquadulza Experience.

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