Annone di Brianza

Annone, is a small agricultural village included in the Larian triangle, between the Corni di Canzo, the Cornizzolo massif, the Barro mountain and the Erba plain.


The Brianza, a favorite land and celebrated by writers and artists for its landscape formed by green countryside and welcoming hills. Land embellished by the wide pre-Alpine view and the picturesque lakes. Land renowned for its inhabited centers rich in history and art. The industriousness and creativity of its inhabitants have made it flourishing with artisan products, industries and businesses. Thus it appears to the visitor that, fleeing from Milan, he leaves Monza behind him to enter the heart of this vast region.

On the small promontory wedged on the western shore of the homonymous lake, between the green and the rural peace, dominates the built-up area of ​​Annone. A little further afield are the Dolomite peaks of the Resegone and the Grigne group between Lake Como and Valsassina.

The churches

In the ancient nucleus, of rural origin, the main churches are incorporated. The Church of the Beata Vergine del SS. Rosary made in the mid-800s by the architect Giuseppe Bovara. The church, of neoclassical inspiration, has a rectangular plan with a Latin cross hint, given the two chapels protruding into the transept. The interior has three naves, with a large presbytery ending with the apse. Inside you can admire a painting attributed to Giovanni Bellini and a work by Carlo Francesco Nuvolone both dating back to the ‘500/600.

Then we find the parish church dedicated to St. Mary and St. George. Just outside the center we find the church of San Lorenzo, a small church of around 1300, rich in artistic elements of local painters. It was restored in the late Baroque style around 1750. Finally, it is placed on a hill the jewel of S. Giorgio with its Ancona of the Passion. Under the hill of S. Giorgio, the town lies down, then it goes downhill until the shores of the lake, along winding roads, bounded by low walls.

For sports lovers, we remind you that there is also the Golf Club Lecco. It is located in the nearby hamlet of Pizzighettone, surrounded by the green landscape in one of the most beautiful areas of Brianza. It is located in ancient structures of the 1600s, suitably restored in full respect of the ancient buildings. In addition to the beautiful park reserved for the game, it has a club house and a wonderful swimming pool available to members during the summer months.


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