Anna Aesthetics

“For over 40 years Anna aesthetics, specialized in advanced cosmetic treatments, selects products, treatments and technologies guaranteeing certified results”

Tanning center for well-being and beauty.


  • Anti-Aging: from the DIBI Milano research and inspired by epigenetics, a treatment for an ageless face, for all skin types, for all ages and also for menopausal women, for a younger, more compact and smoother face. A LIFTING without scalpel

Since 1997 eliminates impurities and blackheads without pain and without leaving marks

Stop the pimples and blackheads, clean the face with ultrasound painless and without leaving marks, ideal for those suffering from acne eliminates redness spots scarring


  • Cell Contour: 4 actions on the 4 main imperfections of the body, cellulite, widespread and localized fat, heavy legs.
  • Dibi Slim: for localized or overweight weight loss speeds up the metabolism and burns the fats you model.
  • Fisiotron to prevent and fight cellulite, skin aging and stretch marks by combining ultrasound and radiofrequency technologies allows to reduce 1 SIZE and 5 cm adiposity in 12 sessions.
  • Lift Creator Age & Tone Treatment: Sculpt and shape your body, it is the first LIFTING body treatment that strengthens, tones and rejuvenates to have a sculpted abdomen and thighs, reshaped arms, higher and firm breasts and raised buttocks.


  • Diode laser: say goodbye to unwanted hair quickly, effectively and painlessly with a progressive and permanent hair removal in total safety and with guaranteed results in a few sessions, for all types of hair even on tanned skins.


  • Diego dalla Palma professional SCHOOL OF MAKE-UP to enhance your natural beauty to feel more beautiful in every occasion MAKE-UP for EVENTS BRIDE and CEREMONY
  • Semi-permanent make-up: for an always perfect make-up that enhances eyes, lips and eyebrows in a safe and hypoallergenic way since it is made with a dermographic pen, the only one authorized by the Ministry of Health

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