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Angelo Scola

Angelo Scola is an Italian cardinal, Catholic archbishop and theologian.

Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal of Santa Romana Church of the title of Saints XII Apostles, Metropolitan of the Province of Milan and Head of the Ambrosian Rite, was born in Malgrate (Lecco) on November 7, 1941, from Carlo (1903-1996), truck driver, and from Regina Colombo (1901-1992), a housewife. His elder brother, Pietro, later became mayor of Malgrate, remaining in office for several terms.

He took part in the Catholic Action and attended the classical high school Alessandro Manzoni in Lecco, later enrolling at the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University, where he graduated in philosophy in 1967. He then took the decision to become a priest as an adult, entering the Milanese diocesan seminary in 1967: one year in Saronno, then in Venegono, from which he left leaving the Ambrosian diocese to go to Teramo’s seminary, where he was ordained a priest on 18 July 1970 for the diocese of Teramo. In 1969 he went to Friborg, Switzerland, to continue his studies, obtaining a doctorate in theology with a thesis on the Thomist Melchior Cano. He actively participates in the Communion and Liberation movement and collaborates in the foundation of the international magazine Communio and the Italian edition of the same.

Cardinal Angelo Scola is also:

  • Member of the Permanent Council of the Italian Episcopal Conference;

  • President of the Lombard Episcopal Conference;

  • Grand Chancellor of the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy.

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