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Andrea Vitali

Andrea Vitali is a famous Italian writer and doctor. Andrea Vitali was born in Bellano on 5 February 1956.

Son of Edvige and Antonio Vitali, he is a famous writer and doctor. During the years of his youth he attended the Manzoni high school in Lecco and then enrolled at the State University of Milan where, in 1982, he took a degree in medicine. Vitali has always shown a certain inclination for journalism and literature since he was young. In 1990 he wrote the short novel Il procuratore (Montblanc Prize for the young novel) inspired by events narrated by his father. In 1992 Il Meccanico Landru, and gradually a book about the year. In 2003 he wrote Una finestra vistalago, a choral and polyphonic novel whose narratives cover fifty years of village life up until the turbulent seventies.

The narrative imagery of Vitali is placed on the shores of the lake and tells a province made up of common characters and at the same time exemplary. In 2004 he was awarded the Dessi Prize narrative section, for the novel La signorina Tecla Manzi. In 2006 he won the Premio Bancarella with the novel La figlia del Podestà. It has continued and continues to receive wide acceptance from the public and critics with the novels that have followed, constantly present in the rankings of the best-selling books, obtaining, among others, the Bancarella award, in 2008 the Hemingway award, in 2009 the Award Campello, in 2015 the Vittorio De Sica Award until his last work The truth of the crooked sister in 2015.

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