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Corso Emanuele Filiberto, 74 – 23900 Lecco, LC Italy

Cel. +39 335 1827217
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Catering services on Lake Como ships

Catering services
on Lake Como ships

Amis S.r.l. was born from many years of experience in the field of collective catering active in the sociosanitary, school and corporate sectors, becoming a reference point in northern Italy. The choice of the name “Amis” is not accidental: it wants to demonstrate the special bond with the territory and the attention to the Customer

Underlying Amis’ commitment is the awareness that nutrition is essential in determining people’s physical and psychological well-being. The goal is to promote correct eating behaviors, ensuring the pleasure of the meal and its aspects of gratification, conviviality and escape.

The mission of Amis is to be a partner of customers, an objective that is realized by combining professionalism, competence, sensitivity and passion of people, quality of raw materials, intelligence of organizational systems, use of advanced technologies. Amis is part of a solid entrepreneurial group that has made technological innovation the added value to the quality of services dedicated to monitoring and access control, computerized management of user choices and electronic payments


  • SCHOOL RESTAURANTS (public & private)

  • COMPANY CATERING (production companies & offices)

  • RESTAURANTS FOR THE SOCIAL (retirement homes, hospitals, communities)

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