Alpe Giumello and Monte Muggio

If you’re seeking for the perfect location to do some  hiking, trekking or skiing Alpe Giumello is definitely the perfect one!

Located  1550 meters above sea level, right at the foot of  Monte Muggio, the  Alpe Giumello is a wonderful natural balcony above both the valley and the lake, with stunning views on Lake Como itself, on Lake Lugano, on Monte Rosa peak, on Monte Legnone and Monte Legnoncino as well.
Alpe Giumello is easy to reach by car. From the parking, take the small road towards Capanna Vittoria and walk along the path which runs through the hamlet.

The first place you find along the way is called Alpe Chiaro: enjoy the wonderful panorama rising right in front of you: Lake Como – with its beautiful towns such as Bellagio, Lenno, Cadenabbia and Menaggio – Lake Lugano right behind it and Monte Rosa peak rising up on the background. Really, a breathtaking view!
As an alternative to the previous pathway, it is also possible to reach the top of Monte Muggio, where the big cross stands, by walking almost 30 mins from the paraglider school based next to the parking. It’s definitely worth the effort!

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