Alaskan Malamute sleddogday

Every year, between January and February, the “Alaskan Malamute Sleddog day” takes place in the snowy mountains of Alpe Giumello (Casargo). The event reached its fifteenth edition in 2019.

An event that satisfies the curious and lovers of the Nordic races and the mountains. It is organized in 3 days and welcomes dogs and owners from all over the world. Various initiatives are proposed for adults and children, to deepen the knowledge of this fascinating animal breed in a magical atmosphere.

The program usually includes:

  • Sleddog on three tracks
  • Dog Trekking
  • Education and grooming with dog educators
  • Training and health
  • Entertainment and dinner
  • Technical meeting

To participate you must register:

Alaskan Malamute sleddog day – Lake Como Tourism

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