Agliate is a small fraction of Carate Brianza (MB).

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Agliate is a small fraction of Carate Brianza (MB), located on the border with Verano Brianza and north of the town, towards Briosco. Located in the Lambro valley, near the river, it is often subject to violent flooding, the last of which occurred in November 2002.

The discovery, near the Basilica, of some domed boulders suggests that the area was inhabited or at least used for propitiatory or funerary religious rituals since prehistoric times. Its geographical location suggests that there was originally a pile-dwelling settlement, given that it was on the edge of the great Lake Eupili, a lake of morainic origin of which traces remain in the lakes of Oggiono, Pusiano and Alserio.

At the time of the settlement of the Insubri Galli in Agliate an important clan was established and the town became the capital of a Celtic district. Around the sixth century, probably due to the action of Sant’Ambrogio, a small church was built there and Agliate became “Capo Pieve”, that is the only place in the church where baptism could be administered.

Agliate is known above all for its Romanesque Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, built between the 10th and 11th centuries on the remains of the aforementioned church. The Basilica, arranged on three naves, has a remarkable cycle of frescoes which are now somewhat damaged. In the complex of the basilica there is a Baptistery with a peculiar nine-sided plant, of which two form the apse, surmounted by a dome with eight segments. The construction of the baptistery dates back to the beginning of the 11th century although, according to tradition, it was founded around 880 by the archbishop Ansperto da Biassono. Also originally it was richly decorated with frescoes of which today only a few traces remain. Inside there are still the remains of a bath for immersion baptism.

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