Do not run, listen to the story, visit the crypts of the Romanesque churches, taste a new unknown food every day, it’s the journey, the life.”

Italy has for thousands of years been a country that makes faith a reason for living and has always been one of the most important countries of world spirituality.

Land of pilgrimages among the most important in the world, Italy is the favorite destination for those who want to know the roots of a world that has been able to create power, art, architecture and objects of inestimable value.
All of Italy is littered with places of devotion and worship: from Assisi, the city of San Francesco, with its marvelous Basilica and the Sacro Convento, in Rome, the capital of Christianity, the seat of the Papacy, where the Basilica of St. Peter, the largest Church of Christianity, is collocated.
We also have many destinations for those who want to walk the historical streets of faith, such as the Way of the Wayfarer, discover the many places of worship present in all communities or simply embark on a spiritual journey to discover the artistic, cultural and faith heritage of our territory.