From Lake Como to the mountains, the journey is short thanks to the excellent connections. The valley is crossed by the Pioverna stream that collects numerous other streams, and enters Lake Como in Bellano where it has carved spectacular natural gorges that take the name of Orrido. It is a verdant valley surrounded by majestic peaks. The withdrawal of the glaciers has left some morainic debris, areas that have distinguished it as the valley of the stones, from which Valsassina.

The mines

Iron, copper, silver, lead and other minerals: Valsassina has always been rich. Melting furnaces, bellows, forges, strong arms and skilled hands over the centuries have forged swords, nails, cannon balls, agricultural tools and everything that could be produced from the extracted and processed metals. For centuries the noise of knitting has resounded in the valley. With the reopening of the Primaluna mines it is now possible to penetrate the bowels of the Grigna: 1,000 meters of illuminated galleries to travel through time and space, discovering a place full of charm and history. Along the path that winds through the galleries you come across an extraordinary environment, full of unpredictable colors and precious artifacts, like the tools used by miners in their hard work.

The territory is mainly covered by meadows, chestnut woods and wide woods furrowed by numerous paths, surrounded by peaks that reach even the 2,500 meters of height. In the heart of the valley, in the municipality of Barzio, you can reach Piani di Bobbio which form a unique ski area with the Valtorta slopes, having shared ski lifts. Dairy production is a strength of the economy of the valley from which are obtained high quality cheeses such as Taleggio and Robiola.