Castles and Strongholds

The history of the castles and strongholds of the Lario has its roots in the High Middle Ages and developed, through the different dominations, up to the seventeenth century. when, after having been the bulwarks in defense of Christianity, the castles become instruments of control of the territory and symbols of prestige of an aristocracy that had already lost the character of military caste, to devote himself to the pleasures of good life.
The Sforza, the Visconti, the Gonzagas have left their historical and cultural heritage in the castles of Lombardy, which often dominate splendid medieval villages.
Location of films, cultural events, shows and even weddings the strongholds and medieval villages of our territory are often appreciated destinations for outings for those interested in the local historical heritage.
The castles of the Lario are distributed with a certain regularity on the territory, even if one can notice a greater concentration on the Lecco side, due to the continuous threats represented by the lansquenets. Since each castle has some peculiarities that distinguish it from the others, it is very difficult to describe them all; we will therefore mention some of the most interesting ones.
Often these fascinating places are able to offer beautiful views, such as the famous Castle of the Unnamed, in Vercurago, in the province of Lecco. Of the walls there is only a square fence with a broken tower, but the view of Lake Garlate, Monte Barro and the village of Vercurago will leave you speechless.