Como is a city full of history and in its past it has been of strategic importance for the entire region since ancient times.

In the city and in the immediate surroundings there are numerous testimonies of the presence of the ancient Romans, starting from the urban layout of the walled city, the Baths and the Strada Regina, from which in the Middle Ages passed the workers who spread the Romanesque throughout Europe.
The pleasantness of the landscape and the climate has favored since the time of Pliny the Younger the construction of numerous villas on the lake, a tradition that has continued over the centuries. From the eighteenth century, in particular, began the construction of the great holiday residences of the aristocratic families of Como and Milan that have made this corner of Italy famous throughout the world: villa D’Este, Pizzo villa, Oleandra villa, Manzi Palace, Fogazzaro villa, Passalacqua villa, Olmo villa, Salazar villa, Vigoni villa, Pisani-Dossi villa, La Quiete villa, La Gaeta villa.