Poliform: one of the most significant industrial realities in the international furnishing sector.

Protagonist of a highly successful entrepreneurial adventure, the company has made continuous research and quality its mission, renewing its proposals in order to always interpret the most contemporary lifestyles and trends.


Polifor realta industriale del settore dellarredamentoAn international company with strong roots in a territory, that of Brianza, which has been able to preserve its values and traditions. The history of Poliform is the story of a company that, while reaching an international dimension, has been able to maintain its family reality.

Founded in 1970, evolution of an artisan company founded in 1942 and part of the fabric of small family-run businesses characterizing the production structure of the Brianza district, it has been able to invest in new production technologies evolving the proposal towards modular modular systems, which have led to a serial production.

Poliform became an industry: the supporters of change, Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani, who are still at the helm of the company, managed to combine a specific technical knowledge and a culture of “know-how” with an entrepreneurial vision in full harmony with the social and economic changes of the period.

From the very beginning, the company has developed a production that is closely linked to current events, demonstrating a profound ability to grasp the needs and tastes of a heterogeneous and international public; it has also been able to interpret and anticipate living trends.
In 1996 the Varenna brand was added to the company structure, dedicated exclusively to the production of kitchens. 2006 was the year of the presentation of the company’s first collection of upholstered furniture.

One of the fundamental elements that have allowed Poliform’s growth and success lies in the creative contribution of the many prestigious designers who have worked and collaborate with the company internationally renowned architects such as Daniel Libeskind, Jean-Marie Massaud, Rodolfo Dordoni, Marcel Wanders, Carlo Colombo, Vincent van Duysen, Paolo Piva, Paola Navone, Studio Kairos, Riccardo Blumer, Emmanuel Gallina, Giuseppe Bavuso, Soo Chan.

The Poliform collection

The Poliform collection is organized as a wide and diversified choice and includes systems and furnishing accessories for every area of the house: bookcases, storage units, wardrobes, beds, kitchens and upholstered furniture. A typologically complete production like that of Poliform brings with it the design concept of a “Poliform house“, stylistically coherent in every component. A “global project” that can be declined in every architectural situation thanks to the exceptional versatility of modular systems.

Quality of living as a fundamental component of everyday life: the Poliform collection is the result of a constant commitment to offer the general public the widest variety of choices to realize their domestic dimension.
At the base of Poliform quality lies a heritage of “knowledge of wood” that has its roots in the artisan tradition of the Brianza district, one of the most important districts at international level, and which is constantly renewed. Poliform’s proposals are closely linked to current events and evolve adapting to changing trends.

All Poliform proposals are made in Italy, in order to guarantee a careful and accurate control on all production phases

What makes each Poliform product a pride for the “made in Italy” are above all the creativity without limits, the manufacturing expertise inherited from the tradition of the best furniture district in the world, the specific technological know-how always at the forefront. Each Poliform proposal is a product of high aesthetic and functional quality, created to guarantee maximum reliability over time. These characteristics are reflected in an absolutely balanced economic value and above all representative of an absolutely winning quality-price-image ratio. Each Poliform proposal is characterized by a rigorous and essential style, far from passing fads, with an aesthetic quality that will always make it current.

Poliform has paid special attention to the new generation, which will be the protagonists of tomorrow’s society; with the aim of fostering an increasingly synergic link between school and the world of work, to stimulate the creative skills of the citizens of the future, Poliform offers every year to some young students in the area the opportunity to take an internship at its facilities.

Poliform has also adopted a policy aimed at protecting the environment for an authentic sustainable development, using materials from certified fsc (forest stewardship council) suppliers with low environmental impact. With the installation at Poliform|lab of a photovoltaic system composed of 765 panels, Poliform pays particular attention to energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources.

Today Poliform is synonymous with a typologically complete collection, characterized by functional and constructive qualities of high level; but above all it is a company able to propose its own vision of current events, interpreting the stylistic trends of the moment with evolved solutions, under the banner of originality and individuality. Poliform is perceived on the international market as one of the main companies able to propose the quality of Made in Italy.