Official Lake Como Tourism spots

To tell about Lake Como Tourism in the past we have already made attractive and impactful promotional videos and dynamic shots.

However, a few months ago, we decided to change, we didn’t need to find inspiration, we only had to tell what really for us is Lake Como Tourism and in general Lake Como: A journey, an emotion and a passion that has been accompanying us since we were young. Et Voilà, the video came to itself and thanks to TIF Creative Hub all of this became a video, a story, almost a small trailer of our stories.

“At school we were given an assignment: ‘Tell your dream vacation.”

Walking along the lakefront I began to imagine my ideal vacation and in an instant it all became so real. I dreamed of skirting the most beautiful lake in the world, easily and comfortably reaching so many hidden corners. I wanted to be a princess, but in my dream the castle was a tree house. I wanted to travel fairy roads, to be pampered, to sleep on big soft beds to be mirrored in gentle waters and to be immersed in nature.

And then still running to new adventures.

I dreamed of beautiful restaurants where I could order many dishes and finally feel great among the smell of good things to taste and an enchanting view. I dreamed of seeing a sailboat up close, boarding it, finding a table set, unfurling the sails and taking off, and with the wind in my hair, why not, driving it!

Lake Como is the place I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl, with Lake Como Tourism my dream vacation became a reality.”