October under the 11th Matathon Trail of Lake Como

Among the most fascinating events, and able to catalyze the attention of Larian sportsmen, in the month of October there was certainly the Marathon Trail Lago di Como, staged on the first Saturday of the month and organized by the Molinari Triathlon Team of Como.

An event that, even though it was necessary to give up the longer route of 60 km, was able to attract the attention of many mountain running specialists in the area and beyond.

The race track, over a distance of 31 kilometers with a positive difference in height of 2200 meters, provided for departure and arrival from Lido di Menaggio. In the middle, the first ascent towards Sant’Amate, after 8.9 km of the race reaching an altitude of 1620 meters, a prelude to the even more difficult climb to the top of Mount Bregagno, reaching 2120 meters practically halfway through the race. From there the long descent, passing through Plesio and Chiodena, to the finish line.

The event, born in 2011, is dedicated to the memory of Paolo Fanti, an entrepreneur from Como who died in February 2018, a great sport lover and supporter of the Lake Como Marathon Trail. The race saw the success of 42-year-old Gabriele Alippi, an athlete from Abbadia Lariana who is a member of the Falchi Lecco. Alippi completed the test in 3 hours 27 minutes and 54 seconds, managing to overtake the runner-up, the Swiss from Lugano Giacomo Casellini (AG Media Sport), by almost 10 minutes. For Casellini, in fact, a final time of 3h37’03 “. On the third step of the podium was Daniele Rava, of Team KV Lagunc, with a performance of 3h57’54”.

Following, in the men’s top ten, we find: 4. Daniele Paolo Taccagni (Atletica Alto Lario) 3h59’02 “; 5. Alberto Mandelli (GP Gorgonzola 88) 3h59’48”; 6. Paolo Pirovano (individual) 4h01’33 “; 7. Stefano Marcon (individual) 4h11’01”; 8. Andrea Cattaneo (Ul Picozzon) 4h13’26 “; 9. Matteo Grigis (Atletica Franciacorta) 4h20’00”; 10. Andrea Bernasconi (individual) 4h20’37 “.

Great protagonist of the women’s race was Lucia Moraschinelli, athlete from Sondrio of the GP Talamona, winner in 4h02’55 “, conquering an extraordinary 7th place overall. More than half an hour later Arianna Mariani (Runners Bergamo) arrived, second in 4h36’06 “with Elena Dazio (individual) third in 4h36’55”. At the foot of the podium Patrizia Locatelli (Runners Bergamo), fourth in 5h19’03 “and Elena Perazzi (individual) in 5h47’09”.

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