North Lake Como - sweet cold waters, romantic fishing villages…

North Lake Como - sweet cold waters, romantic fishing villages…

The upper Lario, the northern part of Lake Como, is an area rich in mountains, with uncontaminated landscape beauties, which give the area a precise identity distinguishing it from other lands in Como. Land of ancient customs has been able to make the most of its proximity to Switzerland and the countries of northern Europe, becoming a destination for tourists who love water sports and mountains. The high lake offers opportunities for recreation and enrichment for all tastes and needs.

Places to visit

From Menaggio, the landscape of Lake Como from idyllic narrows and becomes more wild, and then, as if by magic, reopen in a wide circle of water to which the backdrop is a backdrop of mountains and alpine valleys.

Here you can see the towns of Musso e Dongo, where Mussolini was arrested, Gravedona settlement was of crucial importance in Roman and Medieval times, and Domaso. On the opposite side, we find Bellano with its Orrido and Dervio with Corenno Plinio and the Mount Legnoncino which was part of the Cadorna Line, established for defensive purposes in the Great War: today we can still see the positions for machine guns, sections of trenches and those of underground walkways.

More over the town of Colico, lying on the slopes of the imposing Mount Legnone which, with its rocky strongholds, forms a gentle gulf: the bay of Piona. The northern extremity of the marshy lake has instead played an important role during the Spanish domination, when the border between Switzerland and the territory of Milan passed through it, which is why it is called Pian di Spagna. The North Lake Como has become the favorite destination of dynamic international tourism and home to renowned schools of various nautical disciplines, from windsurfing to kitesurfing, sailing to catamaran sailing, canoeing and water skiing.

Live the lake

This is an area of unspoilt scenic beauty; a land rich in history and ancient customs.

Here you will have the opportunity to taste a simple but genuine cuisine based on the link with the territory and the respect for tradition. In addition, numerous facilities to choose from are ready to welcome you. From the numerous campsites close to the lake to the starred hotels; from the well-kept B&Bs to the typical agritourisms at high altitudes.

Ideas for sport

Upper Lake Como has become a favourite destination for young, dynamic international tourists looking to satisfy their desire for adrenaline.

Home to renowned schools of various nautical disciplines, from windsurfing to kitesurfing, sailing to water skiing. But not only water sports, Alto Lario is in fact known for the possibility of paragliding, for the numerous cycle paths and for the various tennis courts.

Art & Culture

It is an area with a touch of simplicity but at the same time fascinating and rich in culture; its villages are traditionally linked to fishing.

There are numerous villages dating back to Roman and medieval times, the remains of which can still be seen today, as well as fortifications, trenches, posts and military routes dating back to the Great War. Also noteworthy are the countless religious sites of enormous spiritual value that can be found along its banks.