Nirvana Raid: tricolor appointment in 2021!

Appointment postponed to June 2021 for the tenth edition of the Nirvana Raid Trail, the orientation race organized by the homonymous company from Lecco which next year, for the first time, will also award the specialty tricolors.

The 2020 edition should have been held on Sunday 6 December, but the organizers had to surrender to Covid-19, as explained by Marco Colombo, athlete and councilor of the association:

This is a very popular race and the proof lies in the fact that they arrive every year hundreds of athletes from all over Italy and also some foreigners from the countries close to us, such as Switzerland and France but not only. Normally you compete in teams made up of two or three elements, but this year we had thought of a single version with staggered starts, so as to avoid the risk of gatherings as much as possible. We had also taken steps to better follow the directives present in the protocol issued by the Federation for this type of event, but in the end we had to give up due to the too many difficulties and excessive uncertainty that surrounds the sport in this period.Marco Colombo

Trail, which is not the only one type of organized race:

In recent years, the adventure race has become increasingly popular. We speak about multidisciplinary races involving multiple sports, from cycling to running, kayaking and others. We organize our own event and this year, in May, there would have been the sixth edition, in turn canceled due to the pandemic. Too bad because every year we like to change the location of the test, always remaining in our territory, so as to make it known in various aspects to all the athletes who come from outside.Marco Colombo

Precisely in this type of event, the Nirvana Raid received great satisfaction last September:

We were the first Italian team to win an international race, that is the 25th edition of the Corsica Raid Adventure. The team was me, Francesco Lo Bianco, from Abbadia Lariana like me, and Flavio Michelon from Varese. It was a wonderful experience and an even greater satisfactionMarco Colombo

Born in 1989, the Nirvana Raid was initially based in Bellano, then moving in the years first to Lecco and finally to Civate. «Our focus is mainly on children. – Colombo explains – Initially we also dealt with sport climbing and up to two years ago we continued both disciplines. Unfortunately then the volunteers who followed the climbing disappeared and therefore we dedicated our attention entirely to orientation, not only to the classic races with map and compass, but also trying new projects such as the adventure races we were talking about before».

 Claudio Zubani

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