Nature is one of the area’s most fascinating attractions.

From the shores of Lake Como you can admire the fascinating alternation of green pastures, lush forests and massive, imposing rocks.

Lake Como has been loved over the centuries, certainly since Julius Caesar’s Romans set foot here in 59 BC. The thunderbolt for the landscapes and routes of Lake Como, however, came during the Romantic era. Because of its character and nature, with high wooded mountains rising vertically from the lake and skies that cloud over in sudden thunderstorms, the Lario was, and is, destined for the most sensitive of souls. The landscapes, from the lakes up to the highest peaks, are habitats for a particularly rich flora and fauna and bear witness to the region’s great natural variety, from nature parks to other monuments.

The nature reserves are characterised by a great variety of flora and fauna. To name but a few, the Pian di Spagna reserve, which dominates the Upper Lake, stands out, to which are added smaller but no less enchanting areas such as the one by Lake Sartirana, the Piano Lake Nature Reserve, the Malascarpa Nature Reserve and the Val Sanagra Park.

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