Marco Riva: a Larian leading the Lombard Coni

Saturday 13 March was an important day for Larian sport.

Marco Riva, born in 1983 from Galbiate, was elected the new president of the Lombardy Regional Committee of Coni, succeeding Oreste Perri. Riva’s is a story to be told, always in close contact with sport in all its forms.

The current vice president of Panathlon Como started as a child playing football in the team of his country, Galbiatese, then testing himself in a large number of other disciplines, from skiing to table tennis, passing through sailing, swimming, running and more. In 2008 he began to work for the Coni, becoming part of this world as secretary and then becoming regional councilor in the last four years. His is a continuous growth, soon gaining a 360 ° experience in the sports field thanks to masters and positions of increasing responsibility. Just to give a couple of examples, Riva was among the organizers of the 2018 Men’s Volleyball World Championships that took place halfway between Italy and Bulgaria, and in June 2019 he toasted with the colleagues of the Lombard Coni at the assignment of the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics which, as is well known, will be held in Milan and Cortina.

On the second Saturday in March, the election as the new president of the Lombard Committee of Coni as the only candidate. All the affiliated sports federations have in fact proposed his name as the successor of Oreste Perri, in recognition of the great esteem and trust in the manager from Lecco.

I can only be proud of the confidence shown by all the Lombard sports components in my person and, I want to underline it, in my group – comments Riva -. Mine was a candidacy also voted by the entire outgoing council and this made me particularly happy. Now a very important new path begins and I am convinced that with the passion that animates all of us, we will be able to take Lombard sport higher and higher.

Sport as a real social mission:

Everyone lives in close contact with sport, either because they practice it or because they have a son, a nephew or a friend involved in some discipline. It is useless to deny it, sport is a fundamental engine for the whole of society and we want it to be recognized as such. Unfortunately we are going through a sadly particular historical moment and our task will be to give support to all sports components, from associations to plant managers and to all people who live off sports in various capacities. We can’t wait to see the full fields and halls again, even if it’s not yet to make a real guess as to when this will happen. Let’s say that with the start of vaccinations and the arrival of summer, my wish is that the 2021/22 season can truly be that of the relaunch.

Impossible not to ask Riva for a comment on the 2026 games that will see the Larian territory play a primary role by virtue of its geographical position: «It will be an event that we want to be strongly felt and experienced by the whole region. There are still several years to go, but given the extent of the thing we are already moving in the organization. Our goal is to make all people proud of this event and to ensure that it becomes an opportunity for growth for the whole territory also from a tourist point of view».

Claudio Zubani

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