Lake Como Greenway

Lake Como Greenway: with slow mobility to the (re)discovery of ancient villages, small bell towers or charming villas and gardens, not to mention the breathtaking views, which of course can never miss.

In this article you will discover how to live a both unique and sustainable experience on Lake Como!

What is a Greenway?

The Greenway is a pedestrian street, a term that was defined by Tom Turner (1998) as a “pleasant path from the environmental point of view”.It contains two main concepts:

  • green: which indicates everything that is appreciable from an environmental point of view (naturalistic, landscape, historical-architectural and cultural);
  • way: in addition to physical roads it refers to an idea of movement and activity

The greenways constitute therefore a system of routes dedicated to a non-motorized circulation able to connect the populations with the resources of the territory and with urban settlements’ historical centers, especially in rural areas. Their main characteristic is therefore their perfect and respectful integration with the surrounding environment, thus allowing a sustainable, educational, safe and accessible use of the territory.

Lake Como Greenway

Lake Como Greenway, also called Lario Greenway, is a great way to discover the northern part of the lake from an alternative point of view (but equally, if not even more beautiful) and with a much more sustainable approach than traditional excursions by car or boat.  It is definitely the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a day along the lake immersing themselves in the real local territory while maintaining a low environmental impact. This panoramic walk is entirely walkable and winds for about 10 kilometers through the villages of Colonno, Sala Comacina, Ossuccio, Lenno, Mezzegra, Tremezzo and Griante.

Due to its low elevation gain, it is easy for people with little or no training: to cover the entire stretch it will take about 3 and a half hours of pleasant walking, but for the laziest it is possible to cover only one or more areas. Also on the way back you can comfortably take advantage of the bus lines.

The peculiarity of this excursion is that thanks to it you can immerse yourself in all the natural beauty and landscape of the lake and discover its hidden wonders from a markedly local point of view: Imagine wandering through narrow and almost secret alleys, crossing small and flourishing olive groves and sometimes stopping to make short stops on the romantic and comfortable shores of the lake, obviously accompanied by wide and magnificent views.

All this lived strictly without stress, with time flowing slowly, marked only by the desire to stop here and there for a photo, an ice cream, a fleeting visit, or simply to stop listen to the fresh air that caresses our temples and birds’ songs that fly over our heads while our eyes ajar because of the sun’s brightness reflecting on the water.

During the route you can of course take a break wherever you want, maybe for a picnic outdoors or for an aperitif at the various bars that you can meet along the way (Who wouldn’t take a selfie with a glass of lake-view wine, accompanied by the red and orange of sunset?).

Along the way there are also many fountains where you can fill your water bottle and also drink your four-legged friends if you want to take them with you (they will surely be happy).

Now that you are well informed some useful tips before organizing your perfect day along lake Como Greenway:

  • It’s a walk you can do quietly all year round (even in winter thanks to pleasantly mild climatic conditions, the absence of fog and the lake water’s thermal effect), however in the middle of summer it is advisable to avoid walking during the day’s middle hours as the trail is entirely in the sun. The best seasons to travel it are autumn and spring in particular, which gives wonderful colors’ explosions and scents.
  • Although an easy walk, it is not recommended to do it with strollers as the path is often characterized by cobblestone

For more information about the Lario Greenway’s itinerary you can visit the official website:

Have a good walk!

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