Kitesurf on Lake Como

In the common imagination they are associated with the most beautiful seas in the world, but also on Lake Como you can try the amazing evolutions of kitesurfing and windsurfing. Both are included in the sailing specialties, but just look at the related equipment to quickly realize the many differences that exist.

Kitesurf sul lago di Como
Fonte: foto di Scuole Hastakite di Bellano

Windsurfing has more ancient origins and started practicing in the 1930s in California. The kite (as it is commonly abbreviated) dates back to the late 90s and in recent years is having a very rapid development in all areas of the world, including Lario, both because it is easier to learn the basic techniques, both for the less physical effort required. What are the main differences between them? In windsurfing you move on the water while standing on a board and driven by the wind that acts on the relative sail, in kitesurfing instead you are towed by a kite moved by the wind and which is maneuvered through a bar managed manually by the practitioner who glides over the water with a board fixed on his feet.

Several associations on Lake Como provide the opportunity to try these two practices. On Como’s branch the main schools have developed in Domaso, Gera Lario and Dorio, while on Lecco’s branch Colico, Dervio and Bellano are the masters, with courses for beginners and for people who have already had the opportunity to experience the thrill and emotions that the two sports can give.

But why is the Lario so suitable for this type of sport? Much of the credit is due to the Breva, the thermal wind that blows from March to October and which, thanks to the shape of the lake and a particular physical phenomenon known as the Venturi effect, creates a perfect current for kite and windsurfing throughout high Lario.

Let’s see some other differences for the practice in the Lario’s water. While with windsurfing you can start on foot from the beach and then go following the wind more or less far from it, in the case of the kite you need to reach a certain distance on a boat to then free the kite and start having fun. This is related to the different dimensions of the two equipment and in particular to the length of the kite cables which can even reach 27 meters and which require a greater space than the windsurf sails when they are stretched out in the water.

Did we give you some curiosity or awaken your spirit of adventure? Well, all you have to do is contact one of the different associations that promote these two sports on our lake and start being guided by the wind!

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