From Ossuccio to Sala Comacina

From Ossuccio to Sala Comacina: on foot passing through historical treasures and naturalistic sceneries

A pleasant walk on the western shore of Lake Como!

The Sacred Mount of Ossuccio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003, has been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Relief, and is part of the group of the nine Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy. Along its slopes, dotted with woods and olive groves, there are fourteen baroque chapels embellished with 230 life-size stucco and terracotta statues, made by different artists.

The walk will start right at the foot of the mountain and will lead you to the discovery of numerous historical artifacts, without ever leaving the shimmer of the lake as soon as you look up from the path.

The itinerary

From the state road of Como continue beyond the town of Ossuccio and, once in Lenno, take left the Via Silvio Pellico and follow it to the end. Here you can leave your car and start your walk in this beautiful area once characterized by mills, crossing the creek Perlana.

Monte Ossuccio

You are arrived at the first chapel, ready to begin your walk. Now you have to follow the route that leads to the Shrine of Madonna del Soccorso taking the climb in front of you, rather steep but definitely suitable for everyone. While you are hiking, start enjoying the splendid panorama to the right and indulge yourself with the photos! You will immediately notice that the landscape is nothing short of exciting with uninterrupted views of the village below and of course on Lake Como.

Continuing between the chapels and along the cobblestone at a certain point you will reach the sanctuary; here you can stop for lunch at the restaurant that you find in the church’s shade, or you can have a great pic-nic on the stone tables. Recharge your energy, take the mule track and start descending towards the lake… but not before having taken another short break to admire the surrounding landscape and have given to drink to your four-legged friends!

After a few meters then turn right towards Sala Comacina, taking a slightly less beaten path. Along the way you will also find some tools that characterize the “life path”. If you want to drain your energy and do some sport during your itinerary… here you are content 

From here, after several descents, to your left you will find the belt that delimits the area of the Tower of Relief, also the Tower of Barbarossa. The complex is located on a rock spur overlooking the lake and the Zoca de l’Oli (also called “Conca dell’Olio), surrounded by magnificent olive trees.

This historic site is owned by the FAI, so on visiting days you can enter the protected area. This little chest of history is definitely worth a visit! From the internal windows, in fact, you will enjoy a fantastic view of Lake Como and Isola Comacina, but you will also admire the village of Sala and Ossuccio from above, as well as the Balbianello, Bellagio, Argegno and the ridges of the mountains on the opposite side. A panorama to say the least WOW! To visit it you can find more info here 

At the end of the visit you are ready to continue your journey towards Sala Comacina.

Along the way you will meet nice grazing animals and you will enter a valley easily overcome. Keep going straight; a bit of hard work and many climb-downs after you will be surprised: a small complex of farmhouses with breathtaking views of the Tremezzina and the island!

This area, still little known, will give you moments of pure inner peace! The place is ideal for a short rejuvenating stop. After having had a snack and taken some selfies you will take a steep descent that will lead you to the village of Sala Comacina. Also along this last stretch you will find various farmhouses and cultivated fields that are always good for the eyes, but even the island will keep you company as soon as you look up from the ground! At the end of the route you will find yourself along the Greenway of Lake Como, shortly after the village cemetery.

Some useful tips:
  • At the sanctuary you will find a fountain to quench your thirst, to give some water to your faithful four-legged companions and of course to fill your water bottle
  • Since the path is quite steep it is always best to wear comfortable shoes or hiking boots
  • The path, characterized by cobblestone, is not suitable for strollers. If you want to bring your children with you much better use a backpack or a baby carrier.

Have a nice walk!

Written by Chiara Tisat

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