Fresh air, water splashes and a look up: hike to the Cenghen waterfall

The ideal place to leave the noise of the city and embrace with your children the silence of nature.

The Cenghen Waterfall is also known as the Val Monastero Waterfall and is located in the territory of Abbadia Lariana, a municipality located on the Lecco shore of Lake Como.

This beautiful waterfall is a real jewel nestled between boulders and canyons (although little known is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Lombardy!) and is easily reached by a short walk that, starting from Abbadia or its hamlet Linzanico , crosses the Val Monastero, from which it takes its name.

Given the ease of the itinerary is a place that is definitely suitable for a family trip (including furry friends)! The path is in fact suitable for everyone and does not provide many difficulties apart from some uphill sections and some stone steps.

How to get to the waterfall?

For this excursion you must first reach the village of Abbadia Lariana; then, following the signs for the hamlet of Linzanico, a small village of stone houses, you can leave the car and then take the path, which starts near an old wash house.

From here in about an hour you will arrive at your destination along a comfortable mule track that will give you wonderful views of Lake Como But it’s not over here! During the first part of the route you will be accompanied by beautiful terraces of olive groves, vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

After the first short stretch you will have to go into the quiet of the green forest: here even children and your animal friends will walk more easily not being continuously exposed to the sun, especially in summer. Also along the way you can observe many species of plants and flowers for which children will go crazy if involved and educated in their discovery.

Continuing the walk, at some point you will enter the small village of Calech, which offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the South Grigna and its Cresta Segantini. You are in the perfect place to have a picnic! Spread a blanket on the lawn and enjoy a snack while enjoying the landscape. You can also bring a ball or playing cards with you, so as not to annoy your children who will surely love to walk barefoot on the grass. When you feel like continuing along the path keeping left and walking uphill again for a few meters: another beautiful panoramic terrace on the Val Monastero at the foot of the Grigna awaits you for a photo!

Keep walking along the river for a while… And here you are at the destination! You can breathe, relax and enjoy the wild nature with its rocks, its peace and tranquility, which will surely be good for your children and companions adventure.

After having rested for a moment let yourself be fascinated by the waters of the Torrent Zerbo that descend impetuously through a narrow crack of the rock creating a decidedly remarkable glance. The jump is about 50 meters and ends in a pool of blue water, clear and crystalline, in which children can immerse their feet to refresh and regenerate.

Useful tips:

• Also this excursion is not suitable for strollers, are instead recommended mountain boots so as to easily climb the path and play in the pools between the rocks.
• Don’t forget to bring with you a sweatshirt or a k-way, the air is fresh in the forest, especially near the waterfall
• On the track you will find two drinking water fountains that serve you to fill your water bottle
• This itinerary is suitable for all seasons (although it is particularly recommended during the summer period) and can also be combined with a trekking on the Wayfarer’s Path for the most tireless walkers 😉

…And after the walk? Relax on the beach! When you return you can relax on the beach of Abbadia, which also offers a well-equipped and shaded play area.

Have fun! 

Written by Chiara Tisat

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