FABIO GÓMEZ presents the song “SIEMPRE”

The Spanish version of “Over” about emotional freedom and the courage to be true

“Siempre”, the Spanish version of the song “Over”, launched last year during the pandemic by the Italian- Spanish singer-songwriter Fabio Gòmez, was released on YouTube and on all music distribution platforms on May 5th. A breath of fresh air and novelty, which is swarming with views and listening thanks to the engaging and the dance sound and to the message of positivity it transmits.

The artist was born in Bern, Switzerland, and currently resides in Colico. He was for years one of the main voices of the local radio stations and began his musical career at a very young age, at eight years old, in the Amazing Grace Gospel Choir of Lugano. He has participated in new gospel seminars in Germany and Switzerland, as well as in the United States – with Calvin Bridges and Cynthia Nunn – while studying in Milan and Rome. He also participated in the Castrocaro Festival, at the Sanremo Academy and was a finalist at the Mia Martini Award in 2010, with the original unreleased song “Looking for the immense”.

After the success of the album “Nothing is impossible”, in 2016, and an important personal and professional maturation, Fabio has embarked on a path of awareness that has led him to want to sing about himself, his values and trust in life and in rebirth, through “Over”, his latest success. The song was released in four versions in just one year, thanks to the artistic production curated by Marco Zangirolami – musician, composer, producer, arranger and sound engineer from Milan, who boasts collaborations with the likes of Fedez, Elisa, Mahmood, Gué Pequeno, Salmo and many others – with the invaluable collaboration of Peggy Johnson and Mila Ortiz, who adapted Fabio’s original texts in English and Spanish respectively.

The first version of “Over” was released in the midst of the pandemic, in May 2020, and its video was entirely shot in New York by Roberto Cancellara and Beka Virtue, under the supervision of Mila Ortiz: “I decided to publish the song in such a particular moment precisely because it is a song that is a hymn to rebirth, a message of positivity, with a text that wants to motivate the listener to take back his life, pushing him to go beyond“, has told us Fabio, who created his own label during the pandemic and dedicated himself to writing.

The second version, the Rainbow Remix – whose clip was shot inside Palazzo Malacrida in Morbegno, in Valtellina – is inspired by the rainbow and saw the participation of ZANJY & DJ adria: “After the rain, the sun always returnsFabio commented – and even after a period of storm the soul can return to shine in all its splendor”. The third version of “Over” is instead the one with the most “chill” sounds: it is the Monte Carlo Mix, created with the feauturing of the trumpeter Mauro Brunini and with DJ a.d.r.i.a. and whose video was made between Villa Geno, on Lake Como, and Palazzo Malacrida in Morbegno. Finally, exactly one year after the publication of the original version, “Siempre” arrived, in Spanish: “With my team we had to adapt the vocabulary and find the phraseology suitable to convey the same emotions as “Over” – underlined the songwriter – Also in this piece I talk about how to overcome a difficult moment and come out stronger, going beyond fear and prejudice to find yourself, your emotional freedom and the courage to be yourself “.

The images of the video clip, also shot in New York, accompany the listener on a journey to rediscover the desire to love and love: “Because we must never be discouraged: the words we hear often affect us negatively. We must be able to switch off, dedicate time and love each other”. Meanwhile, Fabio – well known and much loved all over the world and, in particular, in the United States and South America – is already thinking about the next projects: “I’m working on new singles, with new sounds, and I’m ready to shoot another video. I already have a song in my drawer that will be released soon, again in two languages – English and Spanish – and many projects on the horizon“.

Projects that are being born in a moment of recovery, in which the determination of the ItalianSpanish artist has made all his best dreams come true.


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