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Lake Como: the land of the betrothed

You wouldn’t know whether to call it noble or popular, Lake Como, whether sweet or severe. It is that nature and time have combined water and mountains, fishermen’s villages and bare Romanesque churches with neoclassical villas with magnificent gardens. The result is a composite beauty, never the same: just round a winding winding road to be surprised by a new panorama, or contemplate the landscape in the light of the sunset, instead of under the sheer sun, to discover an unsuspected resonance . Lake Como has an inner harmony that speaks to the heart as to the eyes.
The bond of the people of Lake Como with their origins and traditions is extremely deep and finds its maximum expression in the numerous popular festivals that take place throughout the year in the various places that overlook it. These are traditional, folkloristic and religious festivals, but also great international and social events.
Not to be missed, for example, the very ancient Schignano Carnival, the costume re-enactments of Medieval Como, and the engaging Sagra di San Giovanni. Among the most evocative events there are also numerous pyrotechnic displays including the Gravedona Lake Festival, the Pesa Vegia of Bellano, the Sagra delle Sagre in Valsassina and the Historical Parade of San Martino Valley.