Discovering APS Como

This year it celebrates its 20th birthday, but the history of APS Como has its roots much further back in time. The Provincial Amateur Sports and Underwater Fishermen Association, this is the full name, is in fact a historical reality in the area and its president Luigi Guglielmetti introduces it to us.

We were born as a transfer of the provincial section of FIPSAS that existed since 1955 – explains Guglielmetti – and this year we have established a temporary association with our colleagues from Lecco and Varese, becoming concessionaires of the regional public waters of basin 5, or the one relating to these three provinces. Until last year we could count on 5500 members, 4100 from the Como area, the remaining 1400 instead come from neighboring ones. With the collaboration with Lecco and Varese, we believe we will now reach 12000».

But what exactly does the activity of APS Como consist of? «Mainly we deal with surveillance, restocking, laying and recovery of fish material, censuses and countless other activities in the waters we manage. Everything is aimed at safeguarding the fish heritage. In addition to this aspect there is also the sporting one, organizing competitions and events that also allow us to spread and make known the historical traditions of Lake Como. Precisely for this reason we also make documentaries, books and once a week we collaborate with the newspaper La Provincia di Como in a space dedicated to us».

After the worst moment of the pandemic, APS Como immediately returned to the protagonist with two important events. «On the last Sunday of May we organized the Big Predators Championship on a boat in the waters between Como and Isola Comacina, which saw about twenty crews at the start, continues Guglielmetti -. On Sunday 27th we will deal with the Italian Boys’ Championship on the Cuccio stream in Porlezza. In both cases we are talking about fishing competitions with completely released fish and in Porlezza we will have about 50 guys at the start who have passed the previous qualification phase».
A historical, dynamic and constantly growing reality, APS Como is a real point of reference for all lovers of Lake Como fishing.

Claudio Zubani

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