Some easy, also suitable for the little ones. Other more demanding, for trained legs. Riding to discover some cycle paths in the Lake Como area.

The scent of the wind, the rustling of the whizzing wheels, uncontaminated landscapes that run silent while the sunset floods a flaming sky. In our area there are cycle paths that allow you to experience the lake and the mountains along old trams, ancient railway lines, immersed in nature or set between lakes …

The Adda Cycle Path

pista ciclopedonale

The Adda Cycle Path that runs along the river towpaths dear to Leonardo, joining Lecco to Crespi d’Adda, passing along the path of the Garlate Lake and Olginate. Sliding, surrounded by greenery, few problematic passages and a breathtaking panorama both from the environmental point of view and from the present architectural beauties, the Leonardo route over all. The impact is the best: a wide dirt road, suitable for a double row and a very slight gradient to climb, imperceptible even for the less trained, sunny in some stretches, offers the possibility to stop for a picnic, or to throw the line in the river. It is possible to cross the Adda both on the Azzone Visconti bridge in Lecco and further south along the bridge near Via Giuseppe Mazzini in the municipality of Calolziocorte. In both cases we reach Olginate where, at the end of Via Lungolago, we take the bike path that leads through the woods to Brivio. There are many attractions and panoramic views that characterize the route. These include the Leonardo da Vinci ferry still operating in Imbersago, the famous Paderno iron bridge, the historic Esterle hydroelectric power station and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Sassella in Porto d’Adda, the ecomuseum and the departure of the canal.

Valsassina Trail

The pace of one’s bicycle and the murmur of Pioverna. The beauty of this path that slips, from the center of Barzio to Taceno, springs from the presence of uncontaminated nature. The fully paved path (also suitable for strollers and wheelchairs), offers fantastic views, from the Grigne, to the Zuccone Campelli, to the Legnone. Immersed in the green, far from the road, it runs along almost the entire Pioverna stream, passes through meadows and near the rock, on little bridges; there are refreshment areas, picnic tables, farmhouses, minigolf. During the itinerary you will meet a beautiful waterfall that is located about 2 km from the start, from the parking of the festival of festivals. You can rent bikes near the mini golf course. If you do not intend to walk the entire path, you can access it via the different connection points or reaching one of the bridges that cross the river.

pista ciclopedonale Valsassina

The lakes cycle route

La ciclovia dei laghi

The cycle path of the 14 lakes covers the territory of the Provinces of Lecco, Como and Varese, from Colico to Ponte Tresa, crossing 9 different landscape areas, each of which represents the fulcrum around which the thematic routes contained in the nine routes have been developed. The dorsal, with a length of 270 km (and about 310 km if we also consider some alternatives and ring connections) takes on multiple values. It can in fact be considered both as a local itinerary that develops through the various landscape areas, with routes of limited length that allow the visit of the most important cultural and environmental assets in the territory, and as a single itinerary that crosses the 14 lakes and connects to international and interregional circuits, connecting with the cycle paths created in Canton Ticino and with cycling routes in the provinces and neighboring regions.


Lake of Segrino

Starting from the beach, where there is parking and the Visitor Center, the track closely follows the shores of the lake. He moves away only near the emissary, near Carella, where some perches for birds are located.
A part of the western shore is occupied by a thick reed bed: the cannaiola and the cannareccione, nesting species, are hidden there. The white water lily, which appears among the leaves floating on the water, was taken as a symbol of the park.
The Segrino fauna includes many amphibians, including the common toad, used in the spring to transmigrate in the lake for reproduction and a remarkable fish heritage (perch, pike, carp, tench). Still on the western shore, the track has co-opted the old road, closed to traffic. At the northern peak of the lake, near the Gajum springs, return to the starting point along the western shore. In this section the path runs along the provincial road without interfering with it.
The whole lake, with the northern slope of the nearby Mount Cornizzolo, is protected as a natural park. This decision led to the rehabilitation of its waters and the enhancement of recreational potential. The cycle path serves this purpose together with the trails that explore the slopes around the lake.

Lago di Segrino

From Sorico to Domaso

da sorico a domasco

A large stretch of this cycle path was built by ripping the water from the waters of Lake Como to pedal. The places are enchanting, among the most beautiful in the Lario. We start near the Ponte del Passo (which divides the eastern side of Lake Como from the western one) and up to Gera Lario we ride on the banks of the Mera river; then it borders the lake up to Domaso.
The area is full of tourist attractions, beaches and campsites.
In the central part of the path the track is overlooking the lake; however, the lack of parapets along some sections is noteworthy and this can be dangerous especially for children.

Curone Valley Park

In Brianza, at the foot of Montevecchia and eastwards, lies the Curone Park, a place rich in paths, woods, clearings and streams, perfect for trekking and mountain biking. This is a very varied route that alternates all types of road-to-road, from asphalt, to pedestrian paths, to single track trails, to dirt roads or paved roads, fords, bridges and many up and down.
The atmosphere is captivating and you are immersed in the woods at times with side-by-side glades. The route is characterized by continuous ups and downs.

Parco Valle del Curone

Park of the Lambro Park

Ciclabile del Parco Lambro

A gravel path that will lead you to discover one of the Lombard rivers that has always been denigrated, due to the fact of pollution. A cycle path to discover in the heart of industrious Brianza, with unexpected glimpses of a river that has always been the heart of the Brianza economy and culture.
The surrounding environment is worth a visit, also because it is only 25km from the center of Milan.

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