Art and history, on the edge of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, in a mix of great charm. With a doubt: where to start the visit? From the lake, with its Mediterranean climate and its natural environment from Ligurian Riviera, or from the historical centers of the cities, with its masterpieces of art?

Branch of Como

Starting from the cities, the first stop is without a doubt Como, Alessandro Volta’s country, with Duomo Square, the monumental center of Como, with the MunicipalityTower, the Broletto and, above all, the grandiose cathedral, one of the gothic masterpieces, begun in 1396 and concluded only in 1744, with the colossal dome of the Juvara. And we could continue for a long time, for a city of art of great interest, set at the southern end of the Lario, locked up between high wooded sides, which make it similar to a Nordic fjord. From here you can make fascinating cruises on the lake to admire its choreographic coastal villages, Bellagio among all, often with beautiful exotic gardens, and its villas famous all over the world, such as Villa Olmo and Villa Este, some transforming into luxury hotels , other choices as a star residence for the entertainment world.

Branch of Lecco

On the other branch we find Lecco, an Alpine city, enclosed by the pinnacles of Grigna and Resegone. Located at the eastern summit of the Larian Triangle, it is famous for being the place where the writer Alessandro Manzoni set the novel of The Promessi Sposi: the cultural identity of Lecco is testified by an interesting historical-literary itinerary on the traces of the places that were inspired to the great novelist.

Lecco also established itself as one of the first industrial centers in Italy to be known as the city of iron for the great development of steel industries active in the area since the twelfth century exploiting the mines of Valsassina and the proximity to Brianza. From its romantic lakefront, you can reach in a few minutes its coastal jewels, Mandello, famous for its Moto Guzzi, Varenna and its villas famous all over the world, but also the Valsassina with its flavors and its ski slopes .

Discover Val San Martino

Where Lake Como declines in the Adda river, we find the San Martino Valley, a middle ground between the Milan area and the Veneto Republic. A territory of ancestral beauty that from the waters of Lake Garlate and the river Adda goes back to the green cliffs cultivated in the hills to the rocky mountains. Here we can admire the Rock di Somasca or of Innominato and the Rossino Castle, the thirteenth-century Tower of Tuzzano Rota in Carenno, the church of the Dead, the Monastery of S. Maria of Lavello with its sixteenth-century major cloister and the church and frescoes of S. Margherita in Monte Marenzo (14th century), the ancient centers of Nesolio and Odiago in Pontida, or go back in time and visit Consonno, the forerunner of the toy villages of the ’70s.


center lake


Branch of Lecco

Branch of Como

Val San Martino

Val d'intelvi

The mild climate, breathtaking natural landscapes, archaeological sites and other historical artistic treasures are all elements that make the territory of Lake Como one of the most sought-after destinations for unforgettable dream vacations. If you are planning to plan a travel itinerary, go trekking, discover Manzoni’s places or follow the famous Sentiero del Viandante, let us inspire you with our suggestions.

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