El cunta minga quel che se gà, el cunta pusè quel che se fa.

A territory rich in art and history, with the Brianza area dotted with castles and towers, mindful of the glorious past in the Lombard era, when Monza was the summer residence of Teodolinda, wife of King Autari.

Places to visit

The green Brianza, whose territory could be defined as a triangle between Como, Lecco and Monza, is the land of the Briantei lakes that extends to Garlate and Olginate of Lake Como.

It is an area rich in hills, beautiful landscapes and, although not formally under a recognized territorial body, the areas of Brianza have many things in common and this has helped to create a marked sense of belonging among its inhabitants. Brianza is one of the most economically advanced and densely inhabited areas in Italy. According to some scholars, the protagonist of the Second Industrial Revolution is one of the most productive regions of the European continent. All of this was paid at a certainly high price: between 1900 and 2000, many areas were disfigured, polluted and destroyed to make room for industries, factories and new population centers.

However, in the last decades many parks and nature reserves have been set up, protected areas and reclamation and recovery work has been started. In fact, especially the upper Brianza, is rich in many villas of Milan nobles in which they also hosted national and international figures: poets, writers and painters, invited in these palms surrounded by huge parks, sang and represented the natural beauties and landscapes of Brianza in very famous works.

Live the lake

This area, known as the land of the Briantei lakes, is a land of enormous cultural value, linked in particular to farming traditions.

Traditions that are reflected in the typical cuisine of this area. In addition, particularly in the Montevecchia area, there are numerous wine cellars and structures that will welcome you in an area surrounded by greenery. They will accompany you in the discovery and tasting of the wines that have made this area internationally renowned.

Ideas for sport

Thanks to its vast green areas, Brianza is the ideal place for those who wish to immerse themselves in nature in complete tranquillity without giving up relaxation.

There are numerous routes that can be followed on foot or by bicycle, allowing you to discover the most important religious sites and the numerous palaces and sites that inspired the great Leonardo Da Vinci. In addition, this area is famous for its various golf courses and vast expanses of green where you can discover the area on horseback.

Art & Culture

Although the Brianza area is seen exclusively as an industrial and economic area, it is actually rich in landscape and culture. In recent decades, many parks, nature reserves and protected areas have been established.

The area is also rich in numerous villas belonging to the Milanese nobility, which welcomed within their walls characters of national and international renown. Numerous poets, writers and painters have depicted the natural beauty and landscape of Brianza in their famous works.