Cycling to discover Bellagio, Lezzeno and Nesso

An itinerary to know how to love the territory of Lake Como on two wheels!

We are on the western shore: this area, ideal for easy trips by bike, offers several routes that will allow you to know the many beauties of this area of Lake Como.

If you never thought to visit Lake Como by bike now you could change your mind! Riding a bike you will not only discover the territory in a slower and more direct way, but you can also stop when you want for a photo, a break or a snack. Also in this way you will use a medium with very low environmental impact and your health will also benefit J

In this article we focus on the route that goes from Bellagio to Nesso: it is a purely naturalistic itinerary, so if you love landscapes this trip is definitely for you. This shore, in fact, in addition to offering wonderful views, has a unique territorial conformation: along the path you will cross rocky spurs overlooking the lake and admire the different villages of the shore facing reflected on the water. Not least, the road always winds along the shores of the lake without ever letting you get too far from the shore, so as not to miss even a view!

You should also know that the suggestiveness of these places, almost scary given their grandeur, has contributed to give life to ancient local legends that contribute to their charm.

…But we come to us: The itinerary

Starting from the beautiful and famous town of Bellagio (which is definitely worth a visit) in the direction of Lezzeno you will arrive at the gorge of Ponte del Diavolo, dominated by the limestone cliffs of the Dolomites of Mount Nuvolone. Here you will find a place with a dark and mysterious aspect, in fact it is believed to have been the seat of esoteric encounters and witchcraft rites. A short Pit-Stop for a quick photo and a sip of water and it starts again!

Continue along the road for about 3 kilometers, where you can observe the steep cliffs overlooking the lake of Sassi Grosgalli. Here, by the water’s edge, you will find the Grotta dei Bulberi, also called Grotta Azzurra, a cave that can only be reached by boat, famous for the effects of light that the sun gives inside. The name of the cave comes from the famous “bulberi”, the biggest fish of the lake, which took refuge in this area.

You’ve arrived in Lezzeno! If your belly starts to grumble, know that this small village is famous for the Missoltini, lake fish dried in the sun and grilled… nothing short of delicious and absolutely to try 😉

Now that you have refreshed yourself, continue for about 3.5 km until you reach Punta della Cavagnola, the end of Monte San Primo, the main peak of the Larian Triangle. From here you can admire the entire branch of Como with Comacina island on the right. Don’t forget to bring a camera with you, because the scenery is really enchanting!

It is curious to know then that tip of the Cavagnola, for its position division between the two basins of the Comasco branch of the lake, in the past also carried out a strategic function: here there was in fact a watchtower, but it also tells of a church dedicated to San Nicolao and a renowned tavern. The saint was invoked with a loud voice by sailors because this area was often considered to herald dangers.

Continuing again along the route for about 3 km you will reach the village of Nesso, famous for its Orrido: located at the mouth of the valleys of Tuf and Nosè, this natural spectacle is formed by the homonymous streams that here join in a spectacular bubbling mass which, precipitating among the rocks engraved by the natural fury of the water, form a wonderful waterfall that flows towards the nearby lake. To admire the waterfall you can reach the square along the provincial road or, if you are not too fatigued, You can go down to the lake through the characteristic steps that flank the houses passing through a small Roman bridge that connects the two banks of the stream.

You have reached the end of the itinerary! After having rested a little to recover your energy you just have to retrace the road to Bellagio, which winds for about 12 kilometers.

Some useful information before your departure:

• If you do this route in summer it is advisable to avoid cycling during the middle hours of the day
• Bring with you a backpack with a k-way, a water bottle and some food so as not to be unprepared
• If you don’t have bicycles or you don’t want to take them with you you can rent them with a helmet in the many rental points scattered along the lake (if you don’t want to struggle, consider the idea of renting e-bikes!)
• If you like to admire the waterfalls calculate that the show is remarkable especially in spring or after heavy rains

And now…Saddle up!

Written by Chiara Tisat
Ph Comolake | Ph Evertov Vila

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