That branch of Lake Como , which turns at noon, between two unbroken chains of mountains

That branch of Lake Como , which turns at noon, between two unbroken chains of mountains

Lecco, on the eastern branch of Lake Como, is synonymous with Alessandro Manzoni and the Promessi sposi, the novel that all Italians have read or studied at school and relives in the city and in the modern hamlets: Pescarenico, overlooking the Adda with the church and the convent of Fra ‘Cristoforo, Villa Manzoni, the house of Lucia in Olate, the ascent of the good ones in Acquate.

Places to visit

The first autumn is the ideal season to visit the places of the famous masterpiece of Manzoni and to discover that the lake of Lecco should be savored slowly, including literary evocations, elegant old villas overlooking the banks and botanical gardens of rare beauty. It is only after passing Malgrate, that the scenery appears in all its beauty with the Monte Resegone in front, with its famous nine-pointed profile.

Unfailing, before discovering the small pearls of the Lario, a walk in the historic center of Lecco and on the lakeside where the San Martino, the Grigna and the Resegone are reflected in the waters often rippled by the winds.

The rhythms of the lake are slow and calmly from the lakefront to XX Settembre Square, where stands the fourteenth-century Viscont Tower, the only part of the surviving fortifications that is intact by the demolition decreed at the end of the 18th century. Here we discover the small mountain museum where the great achievements of Riccardo Cassin and the famous Ragni of Lecco, protagonists of numerous companies on the highest peaks of the world, are revived. A trip to Varenna, a small perched village, right in the center of the Lecco branch of the Lario, enchants for the magnificent view and the beauty of the places.

Splendid are the villas that dominate the territory characterized by botanical gardens in which rare and precious tropical varieties stand out. A breathtaking view can be admired from Villa Monastero, formerly a former convent and patrician residence later, often used as a location for fashion services. Inside there are baroque halls and tapestries, and on the outside a terraced garden that stretches for two kilometers. Biker enthusiasts can not miss a visit to the Moto Guzzi museum, the motorcycle temple made in Italy, which contains not only interesting prototypes but also all racing motorcycles, with the impressive Grigna towers behind them.

Live the lake

This is an ideal area for those who are looking for a holiday dedicated to Italian history and culture, nature and Made in Italy.

There are numerous flats in the Larian towns, Bed & Breakfasts and holiday farms to meet all your needs. This area is ideal for your stay, as it is the perfect combination of nightlife and the tranquillity of the lake.

Ideas for sport

This is a suitable place for those who want to spend their free time surrounded by nature; from a walk along the lakefront of the various villages to real trekking to the mountain tops that surround the Larian villages.

These include the Grigne complex, Mount Resegone and Mount Magnodeno. Water sports are practised in this area, as in the rest of Lake Como; kitesurfing and windsurfing prevail, thanks to the wind that is present throughout the summer.

Art & Culture

The Lecco branch should be savoured slowly.

Among the many sites that narrate the events of the protagonists of the ‘Promessi Sposi’ (The Betrothed), the villages of Pescarenico, the village of Fra’ Cristoforo, and Olate with Lucia’s house are noteworthy. Highlights include the small mountain museum in Lecco; the elegant villas, including Villa Gomes and Villa Manzoni; the renowned village of Varenna with its famous Villa Monastero and the well-known Vezio Castle, which offers unique views. Also, for biker enthusiasts, a must-see is the Moto Guzzi Museum, the temple of the Made-in-Italy motorbike.