Andrea Oriana: from Lario to lake Titicaca

From Lario to Lake Titicaca. A step that, if your name is Andrea Oriana, can also be short.

Born in Gravedona in 1973, but moved to Lecco for years, Andrea is undoubtedly the swimmer who most of all has given prestige to our territory in the last 30 years. After having collected Italian titles in the pool, signed the national record in the 200 butterfly and having participated in the most important international events, from the European Championships to the World Championships up to the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, Oriana is now experiencing a new phase of her extraordinary career, dedicating herself to the most extreme feats possible in open water.

From Lario to Lake Titicaca we said, without forgetting a passage on the English Channel, where Oriana established the new Italian record last September, crossing it in 10 hours and 19 minutes. A feat completed thanks to a lot of determination but also to the many workouts in the waters of our lake, where he grew up and has always been a source of inspiration for new wonderful adventures. The desire to push himself beyond all limits led him to design an impressive new goal, so extreme that so far no human being has ever managed to reach, or cross Lake Titicaca. The famous salt water mirror that separates Bolivia from Peru, at a height of over 3800 meters and with a water temperature of around 12°. All for a distance of 44 kilometers and without a wetsuit.

In recent months Andrea has already experienced the waters of Lake Titicaca, staying on the high ground for several weeks to begin to become familiar with the environment and take the first swims in the conditions that he will then find the day he will try the historic crossing. Excellent sensations for him, who after some difficulties in the first outing was able to complete increasingly long and satisfying training sessions. Back in Italy, Andrea continued his preparation and at the beginning of February he managed to swim for 11 hours in the waters in front of Sanremo, in the Ligurian Sea, with a water temperature similar to that of Titicaca.

«We started from Sanremo and almost arrived in France – says Andrea – then we decided to go back finding currents that slowed me down and for several stretches I swam remaining in fact where I was. I am more than satisfied, if all goes well in mid-February I will return to Lake Titicaca to fix the last things and attempt the crossing at the end of March».

Claudio Zubani

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