Lake Como Tourism

Lake Como Tourism is the Online Travel Guide to Lake Como and its surroundings since 2011.

Our history

Our history

The company, based in Lecco, was founded by the passion of three entrepreneurs for their country of residence, with the common desire to enhance it and make it known to all. Initially the company takes the name of “InformaLecco“, a portal that deals with tourism, with insights on routes, events that the Lecco’s territory offers, and of commercial scope, with a channel of visibility for the various activities in the sector.

In carrying out its initiatives, the Company places the needs of citizens, tourists and businesses at the centre of attention, offering increasingly complete and personalized services every day and showcases on which they can promote. Subsequently, in 2017, the company became “Lake Como Tourism”, expanding its range of interest, no longer dealing only with the province of Lecco but the entire territory of Lake Como, managing to reach a wider target.


Our mission

We enhance our territory, through information and the development of various initiatives on Lake Como.

Our mission is the enhancement of our territory, through information and the development of initiatives that can contribute to the promotion of the tourist system of Lake Como, in full respect of the values of this place, people and the environment.

Those who choose to collaborate with us have the goal of improving the relationship between tourist demand and supply, offering a fundamental information service for tourists and citizens and making the territory increasingly attractive through the creation of interesting events and initiatives.


Our services

We offers updated contents and news to share, also by comments and reviews.

Our website, rich in contents and subjects, is easy to use, intuitive and available in three languages: Italian, English and Russian. It offers updated contents and news to share, also by comments and reviews. Visitors can find all the useful information for a perfect holiday on Lake Como: sites of interest and itineraries, events and information about hospitality, transports, restaurants and shops. Our target is anyone who want to know and experience our beautiful region.

We offer to our clients various types of tours and unique experience. Lake Como Tourism provides assistance and works with accommodation facilities, companies and travel agencies that need ancillary tourist services like tours and activities for individuals and groups, guided visits, tickets for museums, transfer services, restaurants and locations for meetings and events.


Authentic and unforgettable experiences

Lake Como Tourism offers to its customers Tours and Experiences on Lake Como and its surroundings, by guaranteeing services of the highest quality. Our aim, in addition to let our clients enjoy the natural beauty of our region, is to get them to come into contact with the history, traditions, cuisine and local people. We work every day with passion, in synergy with the best local tourism service providers and we propose various type of Tours.