Lake Como

The most beautiful lake of the World

With its three branches, enchanting villages, luxurious villas and countless beaches… with its landscape that becomes wild, the uncontaminated mountains and magnificent views.

Suggestive, romantic and fascinating; this is the essence of our lake.

Lake Como or Lario, an harmonious mix of water and land, presents itself with its Ipsilon shape created by the branches that compose it: the basin of Colico, the Como branch and the Lecco branch.

It is made unique by its mild climate and by the amazing landscape with a thousand shades: the blue hues of its limpid waters, the green of its woods and lush parks, the grey of its rocky reliefs and stone villages nestled between lake and mountain, rich in history and culture.

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Branch of Como Branch of Lecco Brianza North Lake Center Lake Intelvi Valley Val San Martino Valsassina

Val San Martino

Val San Martino

Val San Martino – la Valle dei castelli.

The first signs of human presence are very old and fragmentary, as can be seen from the findings found in Erve (a skull belonging to a Homo sapiens), in Somasca (a small settlement dating back to the fifth century BC) and some remains of pile-dwelling structures found at the sink. The remains of the Roman presence, crossed by the road that led from Brescia to Lake Como, appear much more substantial. The territory of the San Martino Valley assumes a significant strategic role.

The most noteworthy settlements due to the presence of archaeological finds from the Roman age, Caprino, Torre de ‘Busi, Lorentino, Rossino, Calolzio and Vercurago, appear not by chance on the itinerary for the crossing of the Adda on the Olginate bridge datable to the 7th century AD. Among the most representative finds, we mention the sacred inscription in marble with dedication to Diana, goddess of hunting and woods, the moon found in the seventeenth century near the parish church of Lorentino and the Torre de ‘Busi treasure consisting of coins minted between and the century AD