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We guide you through the whole territory of Lake Como to discover the most wonderful places, taste the typical dishes, stay and rest while admiring all its beauty.

Lake Como

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The most beautiful lake of the World

With its three branches, enchanting villages, luxurious villas and countless beaches… with its landscape that becomes wild, the uncontaminated mountains and magnificent views.

Suggestive, romantic and fascinating; this is the essence of our lake.

Lake Como or Lario, an harmonious mix of water and land, presents itself with its Ipsilon shape created by the branches that compose it: the basin of Colico, the Como branch and the Lecco branch.

It is made unique by its mild climate and by the amazing landscape with a thousand shades: the blue hues of its limpid waters, the green of its woods and lush parks, the grey of its rocky reliefs and stone villages nestled between lake and mountain, rich in history and culture.

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Lake Como
Branch of Como Branch of Lecco Brianza North Lake Center Lake Intelvi Valley Val San Martino Valsassina

Branch of Como

Ramo di Como mappa

Como , is a city full of history and in its past it has been of strategic importance for the entire region since ancient times.

In the city and in the immediate surroundings there are numerous testimonies of the presence of the ancient Romans, starting from the urban layout of the walled city, the Baths and the Strada Regina, from which in the Middle Ages passed the workers who spread the Romanesque throughout Europe.

The pleasantness of the landscape and the climate has favored since the time of Pliny the Younger the construction of numerous villas on the lake, a tradition that has continued over the centuries.


Branch of Lecco

ramo di lecco

That branch of Lake Como , which turns at noon, between two unbroken chains of mountains …

Lecco, on the eastern branch of Lake Como, is synonymous with Alessandro Manzoni and the Promessi sposi, the novel that all Italians have read or studied at school and relives in the city and in the modern hamlets: Pescarenico, overlooking the Adda with the church and the convent of Fra ‘Cristoforo, Villa Manzoni, the house of Lucia in Olate, the ascent of the good ones in Acquate.




El cunta minga quel che se gà, el cunta pusè quel che se fa.

The green Brianza, whose territory could be defined as a triangle between Como, Lecco and Monza, is the land of the Briantei lakes that extends to Garlate and Olginate of Lake Como. It is an area rich in hills, beautiful landscapes and, although not formally under a recognized territorial body, the areas of Brianza have many things in common and this has helped to create a marked sense of belonging among its inhabitants. Brianza is one of the most economically advanced and densely inhabited areas in Italy.

According to some scholars, the protagonist of the Second Industrial Revolution is one of the most productive regions of the European continent. All of this was paid at a certainly high price: between 1900 and 2000, many areas were disfigured, polluted and destroyed to make room for industries, factories and new population centers.


North Lake

Alto lago di Como

Cold sweet waters, romantic villages of fishermen

La parte settentrionale del lago di Como è anche conosciuta come Alto Lario. È un’area dalle bellezze paesaggistiche incontaminate, che danno alla zona una precisa identità. Terra, ricca di storia e di antiche usanze ha saputo sfruttare al meglio la vicinanza con la Svizzera. Terra di confine con i paesi del nord Europa è diventata meta di turisti amanti degli sport acquatici e montani.


Center Lake

Centro lago

In a hypothetical division of Lake Como at the point where the lake gathers its branches, we find Lenno, Tremezzo and Menaggio, Bellagio, Varenna, the pearls of the lake in a fabulous area.

The natural, architectural and artistic beauties, the historic villages, the churches and abbeys, the spectacular villas and gardens that have sprung up along its banks, make it a magical, romantic, somewhat aristocratic place, an irresistible attraction for italians and foreigners tourists.

Lake Como is internationally known for the deep blue of its crystalline waters and the lush green of the hills that surround it. It is a territory with a mild climate, considered ideal for spending more or less long periods of vacation, a few steps from Milan.


Intelvi Valley

Val d'Intelvi

A value of those who look for the most absolute relaxation and the escape from daily frenesia.

Narrow between Lake Como and Lugano, the Intelvi valley is quiet, accessible to all. A valley destination for those seeking the most absolute relaxation and escape from the daily frenzy. A mid-mountain valley, the land of relaxed mountaineering, Intelvi Valley is an open and welcoming valley, home to artists who have left their mark during the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

The area is very green: the peaks are covered with dense woods, while on the slopes of the mountains are obvious terraces made by man. Wheat and rye were once the greatest wealth of the valley and precisely for this reason, numerous stone mills were built along the watercourses, still visible today.


Val San Martino

Val San Martino

Val San Martino – la Valle dei castelli.

The first signs of human presence are very old and fragmentary, as can be seen from the findings found in Erve (a skull belonging to a Homo sapiens), in Somasca (a small settlement dating back to the fifth century BC) and some remains of pile-dwelling structures found at the sink. The remains of the Roman presence, crossed by the road that led from Brescia to Lake Como, appear much more substantial. The territory of the San Martino Valley assumes a significant strategic role.

The most noteworthy settlements due to the presence of archaeological finds from the Roman age, Caprino, Torre de ‘Busi, Lorentino, Rossino, Calolzio and Vercurago, appear not by chance on the itinerary for the crossing of the Adda on the Olginate bridge datable to the 7th century AD. Among the most representative finds, we mention the sacred inscription in marble with dedication to Diana, goddess of hunting and woods, the moon found in the seventeenth century near the parish church of Lorentino and the Torre de ‘Busi treasure consisting of coins minted between and the century AD




Valsassina - the valley of cheese

From Lake Como to the mountains, the journey is short thanks to the excellent connections. The valley is crossed by the Pioverna stream that collects numerous other streams, and enters Lake Como in Bellano where it has carved spectacular natural gorges that take the name of Orrido.

It is a verdant valley surrounded by majestic peaks. The withdrawal of the glaciers has left some morainic debris, areas that have distinguished it as the valley of the stones, from which Valsassina.


Plan your holiday on the Lake Como

Plan your holiday on the Lake Como

Many proposals to spend your free time between the energy of the waves, the silence of the peaks and the freedom of the wind!

Discover Lake Como with our magazine

Discover Lake Como with our magazine

A brand new travel companion ready to lead you through Lake Como‘s beauties and sights, which will make your unique stay even more unforgettable. This is what Lake Como Tourism Staff wants to provide to the numerous visitors who choose our region as a place to both spend their holidays or just to relax a few days. This is how we put our love for one of the most fascinating places in Italy on paper, also thanks to our great experience and deep knowledge of the territory.

Almost a hundred of pages full of interesting travel tips that dynamically captivatedly show everything LakeComo has to offer.

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Live the seasons on Lake Como

Live the seasons on Lake Como



When the lake and the surrounding mountains peaks are tinged with white, the magic descends on the lake. For winter sports enthusiasts there are numerous activities to be practised, including snowshoeing that will allow you to enjoy incredible views. In addiction, crossing the Lake Como villages streets, the Christmas atmosphere will make you children again, among coloured lights and local markets with typical handcrafted and food and wine products.


The pleasant climate and the warm autumn colours of the banks of Lario make the landscapes even more enchanting; walking along the pants in the nature, you will feel trasported into a painting. You cannot miss the village festivals where you will have the opportunity to taste the typical products of the season; in particular, appreciated also by children, the famous caldarroste that are chesnuts picked up in our woods and cooked on the fire.



In spring, when the days get longer and the sun becomes the main proptagonist, the Lake Como is trasformed. The villas and their colourful gardens open their doors to the public and frame the blue of the lake; the vegetation explodes, creating play of colours whose rare beauty is known all over the world.


Summer is the best season to enjoy Lake Como, whose offer can satisfy all types of tourists. From those who love to relax in one of the many lidos on the lake to the more sporty, who can choose from numerous water sports or opt for a walk in the mountains with the whole family. An unmissable opportunity is the possibility of a boat trip from which to admire all the charm of the lake or the possibility of a romantic aperitif at sunset.

Follow your passions on Lake Como

Follow your passions on Lake Como

listen, taste, touch, look and breathe

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